Saturday, March 30, 2013

Book Review-- Tempted (House of Night #6) P.C Cast Kristen Cast.

Synopsis: Zoey needs a break after some serious excitement. Sadly, the House of Night school for vampyres doesn’t feature breaks on its curriculum—even for a High Priestess in training and her gang. Plus juggling three guys is no stress reliever, especially when one is a sexy Warrior so into protecting Zoey that he’s sensing her emotions. Wider stresses lurk too, and the dark force in Tulsa’s tunnels is spreading. Could Stevie Rae be responsible for more than a group of misfit fledglings? And Aphrodite’s visions warn Zoey to stay away from the immortal Kalona and his dark allure—but they also show that only Zoey can stop him. She’s not exactly keen to meet up, but if Zoey doesn’t go to Kalona he’ll exact a fiery vengeance on those closest to her. She just has to find the courage to do what’s necessary, or everything that’s important to her will be destroyed.

The Nerd's Ramble: Again, I've got conflicting feelings about this series. There's a little more plot here, but the Casts use a very convincing bait-and-switch technique. We, the reader, think we're getting into something good and then BLAMO! Boyfriend drama. The over blown stereotypes of various characters is getting out of hand. Seriously. Please stop that. Not all African Americans (teenage or not) speak like that. Most don't. Most gay men don't cry because they can't bring all their shoes on a trip to save the world. Seriously. Stop that.

One thing that the Casts did that I did like was the point of view switch. It was fun to read other character's accounts, and see what some were up to when they weren't near Zoey. I would have preferred that even their accounts were in first person narrative just to keep the flow of the story, but I can understand why the Casts didn't do this. The ending was surprising, and I'm interested to see where it goes from here. I've got the books all the way up to the most recent release from the library so I'm probably going to plow through them pretty quickly.


Rating: ★★★☆☆
Total Length: 319 pages.
Available Format: Nook, Kindle, Epub, Traditional.
Publication Date: October 23, 2009 (Atom)
Author's Page: House of Night

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