Monday, July 15, 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge:: Day 1

I'm a sucker for memes, or quizzes, or those 'picture a day' lists that are floating around instagram, or other aspects of the internet. However, they're normally month long tasks and I end up getting distracted or falling behind or just losing interest. I was looking through my facebook news feed, and saw that a blog I follow had come up with a 15 day book Blogging Challenge, and I figured I could probably follow that one. Plus it gives me a chance to catch up with my reading--it's been a really rough week for me.

You can see the original post here: Good Books and Wine blog.

So, let's get started with Day 1-- Make 15 Book Related Confessions:

1.I'm a person who constantly dog-ears pages. I have plenty of bookmarks, and I use random scraps of paper, but I also dog ear. I can't help it. The habit started in college when I would dog-ear multiple pages in a chapter so I could come back to them to write notes.

2. Speaking of writing notes, I have a couple books that I've written in. The margins are full of notes, observations, sometimes yelling/lecturing at the characters, highlighting passages and quotes. Seriously, I could show you my copy of Catcher in the Rye, but I really don't want to embarrass myself.

3. I rarely give up on books. The only series that I actually stopped reading was the Sooki Stackhouse novels. I couldn't connect with them, and I tried quite a few times to get into them. Even if I really dislike the book, or series I'll do my best to stick it out, even if I lose interest in it. I lost interest in the Parasol Proctorate series about three books in, but I finished, because not knowing what happens would just drive me crazy.

4. I dislike ambiguous endings for the most part. There are a few exceptions to this, as there are to any rule, but I really like things to have a clear and defined ending. It doesn't have to be pretty and everything tied up with a bow, but I really like a distinct end.

5. I'm a series collector. If I read the first book in a series and I really like it, I buy all of the books in that series. The Nightside series is an example of this. I have all the books, and I compulsively bought them to put on my shelf.

6. When I find an author I like, I read ALL of their work. I'm halfway through Stephan King's library, and even though some of his books terrify me, I need to finish them. It's another weird compulsion type thing. Simon R. Green is another author, and more recently Airicka Phoenix is someone that I hoard their work.

7. I'm a recovering genre snob. For the longest time I refused to read YA or romance, anything that wasn't science fiction or fantasy. I'm really glad that I got out of that. There are still a few things I'm hesitant about, but I'm beginning to really enjoy trying out different genres and discovering new authors.

8. I have extreme TBR pile guilt. I've got two bookshelves and a growing stack of 'to be read' books, and we're not even counting the hoard of ebooks on the kindle.

9 I'm new to the ebook scene, and I still prefer traditional publishing, but I do get a thrill every time I get to download a free book.

10. I rarely like the movie adaptation of books. Comic books I love the film adaptations, books on the other hand....I can only think of one adaptation that I loved, that being the Harry Potter series. I really can't think of any others, though I'll probably eat those words later this summer. I get really protective of the books, and the characters and the images I build of the characters and settings in my head.

11. In school I didn't read two of the required reading books. The Great Gatsby, and Their Eyes Were Watching God.  I read the cliff notes instead, and have no regrets.

12. I've read very few of the 'classic' books. I'm fixing that now, well...I have a ton of classics in my TBR pile.

13. When I was a kid, after reading the Little House on the Prairie books I wanted to be a homesteader. I made my parents plant vegetables and at one point tried to get them to grow wheat.

14. I make soundtracks to go with books that I really love. I've got countless playlists for characters and books, and a couple series.

15. 97% of the time I fall for the antagonist or the anti-hero. I like bad boys.

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