Wednesday, July 17, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge:: Day 2

I'm already slacking off on this oops. I had some dental work done yesterday and just wasn't really feeling like doing anything other than curling up and sleeping. My next appointment isn't for a few weeks, so I'm going to get back into this, and hopefully get some of my own writing done.

You can see the original post here: Challenge List: Good Books Good Wine blog

Day two of the 15 Day Book Blogger challenge is: What is your Bedtime Reading Ritual.

I honestly don't have one. I don't tend to read before bed unless I've been caught up in a book all day and into the evening. I tend to do this when I'm sprinting through series.

My bedtime routine tends to go a lot like this.

Step One: Stay up way too late scrolling endlessly through tumblr reblogging all of the fan art of characters and relationships that I love.

Step Two: Check twitter and facebook one last time. Hop over to my email and check that one last time.

Step Three: Check Tumblr one last time.

Step Four: Tell the dog to go to bed, wait for him to get up on the couch, double check that everything's locked up and the lights are off.

Step Five: Head upstairs, brush my teeth, take my make-up off, wash my face. Then I plug in my phone, set my alarm and crawl into bed.

Step Six: Check Tumblr One.Last.Time.

I might have a slight tumblr addiction, but it feeds my magpie tendencies (oooh look, something shiny!). I'd really like to get into the swing of reading before bed as it would probably help me unwind a bit more, and help corral my dreams.

What do you like to read to unwind and relax? Let me know. :)

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