Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Book Review-- Jonesin' For Action (SEALS on Fire #3) by Samantha Cayto

Synopsis: Losing half a leg hasn't slowed down Aiden Jones. He can't deploy as a SEAL anymore, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying life as he always has. The one challenge left is to take a woman to bed. It's not his ability he questions, but his appeal. Can a woman overlook his damaged leg?

Marissa Nelson tends bar while working on her dissertation. Cautious by nature, hooking up with customers isn't her style, but Aiden tempts her to break the rules. More than the sum of his parts, he's a man who can rock her world.

Shelly's Thoughts:
This book was a quick steamy read. I was surprised to find myself a little teary eyed at Jones' nerves about his disability. I think the author handled it well, and it was overall a really cute read.I like how Ms. Cayto took a character who was so alpha male and used to being the hero and saving everyone, and gave him a flaw. This really made the book something that I enjoyed. My only complaint is that the ending was rather abrupt. I would like to know more about the couple and how they work together after the events in the story.

Total Length:
Not given.
Format: Epub and Kindle
Publication Date: 2012 (Wild Rose Press, INC)


  1. This sounds interesting! I might give it read! :))


    1. It's a story that even now sticks with me. I'm downloading the others in this series to read them too.