Monday, March 25, 2013

Book Review-- Amber's Opus by Jason Jaxx.

Synopsis: Amber Churchill needs to get a good grade in Mr. Tinsdale's class but he is being stubborn about granting her an extension. Luckily, she is a mistress in the art of seduction or, at least, that is what she has led herself to believe but, in Mr. Tinsdale, she may just have met her match. He quickly rises to the challenge, devising an erotic game involving discipline and submission designed to teach her a lesson. Join them in this battle of wills that might just be their sexual masterwork and where the only thing guaranteed is satisfaction.

The Nerd's Ramble: I received an email from Amazon talking about free Kindle books, and this was one of the books offered that I hadn't read. I downloaded it and started to read. I knew what I was getting into from the synopsis of the book, but frankly it was the written plot of most bad porn movies. Amber Churchill is a student (who is of legal age at 18--the author's notes at the beginning of the book did state this) needs a good grade in a class. So what happens is naturally she offers to sleep with her teacher. Fantasy material for some.

The only problem is that it's not really well thought out or written. I didn't really care for this book, but remember just because I didn't like it doesn't mean it's a bad book. It's got a lot of good reviews, but I just couldn't get into this one. At all. I couldn't erase the images of bad 90s porn.

Total Length:
29 pages
Formats available: Kindle
Author's page: Jason Jaxx

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  1. Books like those are never well thought out. I won't be checking it out, either. I don't think I'll be missing anything.