Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The trials of a new notebook

Every writer has at least one notebook. Most of us have more than one--in fact I have six (at least) that have half scrawled plot ideas, character sketches, or quotes that inspired. I have another notebook that has pictures jammed in it with hastily written, barely legible notes. One of the lovely ladies in the writing group I attend was in the process of combining her notebooks into an electronic notepad. While the idea appealed to me, I knew it wouldn't work for me. In the house there are three computers--and I write on all three. I've got folders chock full of drafts and scenes and finished products.

I'm a little all over the place.

However, the idea of condensing notebooks was something that stuck in my head. So I went out over the weekend in search of a notebook to become THE notebook. It's a more involved process than I originally thought. I stalked the aisles of a couple of office supply stores, and didn't find what I wanted. Frustrated, I went to grab a cup of coffee at Barns and Noble, and wandered over to their journals. I ended up finding a nice bright teal moleskin journal that's big enough that I can stick pictures into it, and at the same time small enough that I can carry it with me in most of my purses.

Now I'm stuck with combining all of my other notebooks into one large spiral notebook. I've got a brand new shiny notebook, that's just begging for a new idea. I wanted to simplify things, and I still ended up with two notebooks. Though, I should have known that I couldn't completely bring it down to one. I've got two planners and a large wall calendar. Maybe my resolution for next year should be to condense and simplify.

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