Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Blogging Challenge Day Seven.

My blogging quirks.... I really have to fight the urge to put smiley faces in everything, or avoid the abuse of the exclamation point. It's seriously my favorite punctuation mark. I mean is that really a thing? I like to follow a format when I blog, especially while doing reviews. I tend to get a little lost when I have to sit down and just write about something, for example; a post like this one. I don't really think I have a lot of quirks. I try to keep the genres of books split up a little bit so there's not a solid wall of science fiction, or erotica--but as a reader I go on genre binges and read all of the books that I possibly can when I get in the mood for a certain subject. I like to link all the reviews together if I'm reviewing a series so in theory people can follow along with each book. I like to ramble when I talk about books so I try to edit myself down so I'm not going on for pages and pages about a certain book, but sometimes that's really hard to do.

So what are some of your quirks as readers?

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