Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Review: In Too Deep Kathryn Shay

Synopsis: IN TOO DEEP is the first novella in Shay’s powerful, new anthology, AMERICA’S BRAVEST. (All six novellas are available in a boxed set.)For months, Captain Gabe Malvaso and Firefighter Rachel Wellington have kept their knife-sharp attraction to themselves and out of their firehouse. But when a building explodes around them and they’re trapped in the basement, will they still avoid temptation?

The Nerd's Ramble: Initially I was all over this. I love firemen to begin with, and the fact that it involves a captain and a female firefighter getting all tangled up together? I was so into this. Unfortunately, I was let down. I know the synopsis says that it's the first in the series, but it doesn't feel that way. Characters float in and out of scenes, and we're expected to care for them for no reason at all. There are relationships mentioned, but that's it. I think if you're going to do something like that, there needs to be more explanation. Getting to Gabe and Rachel? Their chemistry almost seems forced, and the author does something that's one of my own personal pet peeves.  The characters can barely function without thinking about each other--and to me in this setting is a no go. I'd skip this, to be honestly frank.

Total Length:
not given.
Available format: smashwords, kindle
Publication Date: November 2011 (Smashwords)
Author's Link: Kathryn Shay on Goodreads

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