Monday, May 20, 2013

Book Review: Conquering Zeus (SEALs on Fire #7) Cerise DeLand

Synopsis: Getting in the party mood for a weekend away with his SEAL teammates is no easy deal for “Zeus” Calderon. He’s hung up on a woman he saved from terrorists months ago, but he should be able to forget a gutsy blonde reporter who showed resilience and humor under fire. Shouldn’t he?

Kim Stansfield got the instant hots for the hunky Navy SEAL who led her out of harm’s way—and she’s got proof Zeus feels the same about her. He’s stubborn, but she’s devised a plan to conquer him.

When she shows up in Key West and surprises him on the beach, Zeus learns that once in a lifetime a man meets a woman he can’t forget—and every day without her is no easy day.

The Nerd's Ramble:
The premise of this one was promising, as the back story was engaging and interesting. It was something that I hadn't seen before--something that I hadn't seen done this way before. Let's put it that way. However, it's a stretch for me in the believability department even though this is fiction and some things have liberty taken. It's a good story, Zeus and Kim have amazing chemistry together, and I like the fact that they build on an actual relationship. This story went by super fast though, and while I appreciate the epilogue, I felt that there needed to be a bit more to this one.

Total Length:
Not given.
Available Format: kindle, epub
Publication Date: 2013 (The Wild Rose Press)
Author's Link: Cerise DeLand web page

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