Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Book Review-- Sergeant Rex.

Sergeant Rex by Mike Dowling.

Called “a deeply affecting tale of courage and devotion in the cauldron of war” by Publishers Weekly, Sergeant Mike Dowling’s heart-pounding account of an unbreakable bond between man and dog takes us into the searing 130-degree heat, the choking dust, and the ever-present threat of violent attack in Iraq’s infamous Triangle of Death. In 2004, Dowling and his military working dog Rex were part of the first Marine Corps military K9 teams sent to the front lines of combat since Vietnam. It was Rex’s job to sniff out weapons caches, suicide bombers, and IEDs, the devastating explosives that wreaked havoc on troops and civilians. It was Mike’s job to lead Rex into the heart of danger. An extraordinary chronicle of loyalty in the face of terrible adversity, Sergeant Rex is an unforgettable story of sacrifice, courage, and love.

Shelly's Thoughts: I picked this up after my dad left it laying around. A couple hours later, I had finished it and was wiping away tears. (just as a heads up, everything works out okay).

This is the real life account of Sergeant Mike Dowling and his Military Working Dog (MWD) Sergeant Rex. Sent to Iraq to seek out improvised explosive devices (I.E.Ds) and to launch the Marine Corps military K9 use in the front lines. This book was a quick read, and more of a conversation between Dowling and the reader. It's pleasant to read with a bit of military and 'boy' humor thrown in. It depicts day to day life with the military and working dogs in the front lines of the Iraq war. Dowling keeps politics out of the book, and recounts both humorous and sad times with his work with Rex. There is a nice afterword that explains what happened after the brunt of the story. I really enjoyed this and would recommend it.

Kind of makes me feel a bit silly that all my German Shepherd does is nap. Though all I have to do is pull out the Kong ball and he's ready to play.

Total Length:
289 pages
Formats available: Paperback, Hardback, and EBook.

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